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Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our culture

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We help you achieve your financial and investing goals.

For investors and entrepreneurs looking for value creation and winning partnerships, Provius Fund seeks to deliver attractive returns through a proven track record of profitable investments using, Provius Fundtive strategies, commitment to excellence, support for management and steely determination. We build businesses and accelerate growth by identifying feasible and profitable opportunities, converging complex objectives to build a competitive edge for our partners and investors.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the best possible solutions. Our team, consisting of a qualified legal consultants, tax advisors, accountants and other professionals, will make every possible effort to meet the expectations of our clients and to satisfy their individual investment requirements. Our investments are analysed and managed in accordance with the highest ethical values. Transparency is a must in everything we do.

Good returns for investors are fully compatible with a responsible attitude towards all stakeholders. Provius Fund has always been an ESG pioneer and offers a comprehensive and fully transparent Responsible Investing Policy presented in its publicly available annual report. Our focus is on investments in regions whose political stability, legal framework, and existing business and environmental policies guarantee a stable source of revenue in the long term.

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Why Invest with Us?

We grow your fund

Investing means conserving your principal and growing your money over time. Our goal is to invest in companies that provide our investors with income, steady growth, real estate security and reasonable returns.

Pragmatic value

We describe our investment philosophy as 'pragmatic value'. It's been carefully designed to avoid the pitfalls of more traditional value investing that can lead to investing in value traps or an over-reliance on 'mean reversion'.

Client Service

We aim to provide our clients with a superior level of service and the knowledge that their wealth is in safe hands for the long-term. The main point of contact for all clients is a Partner with high performance.

Investment Packages



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10 USD - 60, 000 USD

Ref commissions : 5%

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200 USD - 100000 USD

Ref commissions : 5%

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500 USD - 150, 000 USD

Ref commissions : 5%

Principal Included.

We help you achieve your financial and investing goals.

Our whole approach to investing is that of active ownership where we consider ourselves to be business owners not merely shareholders. We empower our employees to take ownership of their work and bring opportunities to life. We do so based on the conviction that successful investing begins with the assumption of personal responsibility. We continuously scrutinize our achievements as we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Provius Fund combines expertise and services for private clients, ultra-high net-worth individuals and financial intermediaries like family offices and external asset managers. We actively manage private assets with foresight across generations.

Provius Fund is more than a financial investor. We invest in real assets which contribute positively to society, whether that be promoting social development, improving quality of life or creating a positive environmental impact, both now and for future generations. Investing responsibly is an integral part of how we operate, and we believe that a sustainability-led mindset is essential to delivering long-term success.

As a reliable partner, we strive to deliver our clients’ individual investment goals over the long-term. We combine our strengths to address client needs and actively manage their assets with utmost care. Our convictions are the result of our relentless in-depth analyses and calculations. We share our findings so that clients can invest with conviction too. Dedicated to creating value, we manage our clients’ assets actively and invest only if we are convinced that it will pay off in the long-term. We stick to our proven investment processes to deliver repeatable performance.